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Just give us a call after you booked and we block the remaining seats of your game to make it private for you. And yes, it is a free service of Code to Escape.

Choose one of the rooms below to escape from. Each room gives a different game and has a unique theme and story. You have 60 minutes to attempt your escape from a room. 2-8 people can attend to escape from each of the rooms at the same time. To book an escape adventure click book now!

“Ghost of Tituba”, the first Salem Witch

(2-8 player)

“Ghost of Tituba”, the first Salem Witch, will not let you out of her hut until you help her find the missing objects for her mysterious potion. The final hour has come, there’s only 60 minutes left and your team will be stuck in her hut forever. You will be the accursed servant of Tituba, for eternity. Find the animals and figure out how they will help you get mercy from the “Ghost of Tituba” and return home.

Nikola Tesla the mad genius

(2-6 player)

One of the most visited exhibits was one on electricity. At night the fair was lit by electricity. Who would light the fair would soon light the world. Edison and Westinghouse both put in bids to light the fair. Tesla’s AC polyphase system would be on display for not only the US to see, but the whole world. Originally, Tesla planned on using GE bulbs but Edison, still miffed, would not sell to Tesla and Westinghouse. Instead, Westinghouse came up with a more efficient double-stopper light bulb. Help Nikola, he used some Vin Mariani, and only 1 hour left to turn the lights on!

Cookery - Who's Hungry?

(2-6 player)

Cookery - Who's Hungry?
A cookery always has to end with delicious food. Arthur, the mysterious master chef, has invited you to be part of his very special “cooking class.”When you arrive you expect your host and an array of food, however, something seems amiss when Arthur is nowhere to be found and a rather offensive odor wafts from a locked room. Reveal the secrets of your master cook as you realize you may have misunderstood when the invitation said, “I’d like to have you for dinner.”